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Jewellery Repairs And Services
Jewellery is one of the biggest purchases of one’s life which is why taking care of it is also very important. We at Atherton Showcase Jewellers, understand how much your jewellery means to you and so we provide services of the highest standard for your jewellery so that you can enjoy wearing it. All the jewellery repairs are done on our premises by our trade qualified jewellers and we assure you that your jewellery is safe with us. Below is the list of jewellery repairs and other jewellery services we provide to our customers in and around Atherton, QLD:
Jewellery Repairs
Chain repairs, ring repairs and resizing and stone resets
1. Chain repairs, ring repairs and resizing and stone resets:
From broken chains to broken rings, rings losing shape to stones falling apart from your jewellery, our expert master jewellers will handle everything for you so you can wear your favourite jewellery again.
Jewellery design and manufacture
2. Jewellery design and manufacture:
Couldn’t find the design you were looking for? Come to us. The jewellery designers and manufacturers at Atherton Showcase Jewellers will assist you from start to finish to create the unique jewellery you always wanted.
Full remodelling to bring "New Life” to your treasured pieces
3. Full remodelling to bring "New Life” to your treasured pieces:
3.Getting bored of wearing the same old jewellery? The expert jewellers at Atherton Showcase Jewellers can completely remodel your old jewellery to give it a fresh new look...something you’d love wearing everyday.
Professional jewellery cleaning
4. Professional jewellery cleaning:
Over the course of its wear, a jewellery starts to get dull as a result of coming in contact with dust and other such particles which is why it needs to be cleaned every once in a while. We gently clean your jewellery to restore its original glory.
Full range of do it yourself jewellery cleaning products
5. Full range of do it yourself jewellery cleaning products:
Atherton Showcase Jewellers not only cleans your jewellery to make it glow again, but also stocks a full range of jewellery cleaning products that you can buy in order to clean your jewellery at home by yourself.
Ring rhodium plating 
6. Ring rhodium plating :
If your dearest ring is losing its luster, bring it to Atherton Showcase Jewellers. We will rhodium plate it using the best quality materials in order to give your ring a luxurious white shine.
Insurance quotes
7. Insurance quotes:
It is always wise to get one’s jewellery insured before one suffers a loss. At Atherton Showcase Jewellers, we have experienced professionals who can valuate your jewellery appropriately to provide quotes for jewellery insurance.