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Watch And Clock Repair
Atherton Showcase Jewellers located in Atherton, QLD has experienced and professional watchmakers who can handle any kind of watch repairs for quartz as well as mechanical watches. Whether it is a dead battery, or a broken strap or even a loose second’s/minute’s hand, they will carefully repair your dearest timepiece and return it to you promptly while making sure that your watch is wearable again. Below are the list of watch repair services we provide to our valuable customers:
Watch and Clock Repair
Battery Replacement
1. Battery Replacement:
Has the battery of your watch stopped working? Bring it to us. We will replace the old batteries with new ones which are of better quality and will last longer.
Watch Band Adjustment
2. Watch Band Adjustment:
If the band your watch doesn’t fit any more, bring it to us. Our watchmakers will adjust the straps according to your requirements to make it fit you perfectly.
Watch band replacement and repair
3. Watch band replacement and repair:
Atherton Showcase Jewellers is fully equipped to repair a broken watch strap and can also give your watch a complete new look by replacing the old watch straps with new, attractive and long lasting straps.
Glass replacement
4. Glass replacement:
Broken glass or cracks on glass can damage the internal parts of a watch repairing which can be difficult. We can replace the broken glass according to your dial’s size so that the internal workings of your watch isn’t hindered.
Water Pressure Testing
5. Water Pressure Testing:
After replacing the battery, If your watch is water resistant or waterproof, we will conduct a water pressure testing in order to ensure that no water/moisture gets inside it. Hence, making sure that the watch is still water resistant.
Overhauls and servicing
6. Overhauls and servicing:
Is your old watch starting to wear out? Get it to us for a complete watch overhaul and servicing. We will perform all the necessary services to ensure that your watch is in a good mechanical condition for a regular wear.
Clock Movement Replacement
7. Clock Movement Replacement:
If your clock has stopped working, it is possible that its because your clock’s movement machine is damaged. Get it to us, we can replace almost all Clock movement machines.